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About Milies Apartments

Stavros Thessalonikis
24+ years of operation
30 Apartments

Milies, 1995

The Milies Apartments is built since 1995 in a beautiful environment full of old, large trees, only a few meters away from the sea.

The area called Milies, in Stavros, Thessaloniki, was famous for the wild apple trees (milies in greek) and the jam, that residents produced from the apples. Unfortunately nowadays, only few of them have left.

Our Apartments is located in a well-organized tourist region, which ensures the conditions for enjoyable and relaxing holidays, combining the calm family destination, and the intense summer activities.

Nowadays, Milies Apartments has become a modern family business that tries along with its friendly staff, to offer traditional hospitality and relaxing holidays.

The Milies Apartments offers ideal conditions for truly cool and relaxing holidays as it is located within walking distance from both the sea and the mountain. You’ll certainly enjoy the cool breeze that the mountain offers to our visitors. We, contribute to that with particular emphasis in customer service, the cleanliness of rooms areas and respecting visitor’s resting hours.

So, enjoy your holidays, the sea view, the mountain view!!!


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So, enjoy your holidays, the sea view, the mountain view

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